Our Story

The SaddleBrooke Singers have been an organized group in SaddleBrooke for over 20 years. Over the years they have accumulated an impressive musical library consisting of over 300 titles, and over 13,000 individual sheets of music. They are a non-profit organization supported by members’ dues, sponsorships, and proceeds from concerts, and have a Board consisting of President (Claudia Kistler), Vice-President (currently vacant), Secretary (Cheri Emahiser), Treasurer (Bruce Kistler), Librarian (Robyn Gearhart), and member-at-large Monica Gray.

The Singers are reflective of the SaddleBrooke community as a whole, coming from all over the country to live either full time or part time here. They as individuals have had varying experiences in singing as soloists and in church or community choirs, and many have played, or still do, play musical instruments.

They are led by a professional Director, Tanya Elias, who has had extensive experience in directing choirs of all types, and is an accomplished vocalist herself. Rehearsals begin the Sunday after Labor Day in September for the Winter Concert, which is usually dedicated to the Holiday season, mixing traditional and contemporary music by a wide range of composers. They devote all their efforts towards preparing and presenting two concerts a year, in winter and spring. They begin rehearsing the first Sunday after New Year’s in January to prepare for their Spring Concert in March/April, which always has a different theme.